The PLA Betrayed Themself by Revealing The CCP Build-ing Military Bases in the Middle East

Miles Guo

At that time, it was the CIA asking me

and also the intelligence department

They asked me about this (the CCP builds military bases in the Middle East) for the whole day

I said I don’t know

But you need to know that they (the intel agents) said something very pivotal

They said they got the information from the Chinese Communist Party

that the CCP is building military bases there

I said you can verify it yourself

When they asked me, I said I didn’t know

But you see, for the first time, Bannon has broken the news on me today

This is a big misunderstanding

At that time, all the questions asked by the CIA came from internal of the CCP

I met Mr. Bannon for the first time

I already told Mr. Bannon

I had met the CIA

and also the FBI

I said you need to find a way to unite Fang Fenghui (a former top general in the PLA)

Mr. Bannon said how could it possible that Fang Fenghui cooperating with them,

it’s impossible, but Fang Fenghui was arrested in the end

Before being arrested, Fang Fenghui had been in contact with me,

saying that as long as the Americans can save his family’s life

he would provide all information (the CCP builds military bases in the Middle East) to the US

Keep that in mind, at that time he said

the United States needed to pay close attention to chemical weapons and biological weapons

He said those at that time

And Fang Fenghui said to the U.S. during that time

the CCP’s plan was to build multiple military bases in the Middle East

These are all that happened in 2017

Today, Mr. Bannon has broken my information

He has said that the CIA and I…

But, I can say this in front of the camera today

All these are what Fang Fenghui and people in the military told me

Many senior CCP officials are watching the live broadcast today

Please don’t get that mixed

It’s your people who betrayed you all

instead of UAE, nor Miles Guo

Mulan, you need to hurry up and translate this video clip, push it out with subtitles

Otherwise, it would be a huge misunderstand

UAE would think that I had pointed them out

It was not me to point out UAE

It was the people who cooperate with the People’s Liberation Army have betrayed them

So you realize that by watching the report

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Original Video Title:The PLA Betrayed Themself by Revealing The CCP Build-ing Military Bases in the Middle East
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