Over printed currency will enable cryptocurrencyto replace fiat currency

Miles Guo

What kind of results have been brought to the world due to over printed currency?

It must be a major collapse of the world economy, but it triggered two events

First, from 2020 to now, the world have crypto currency

Just like World War II, it occurred the Bretton Woods system in American dol-larsthat wiped out the British pound

World War I created the British Empire in Europe, there are several big families, like Rothschild

Rothschild lent gold to the war which is gold coins

Rothschildwas the agent for a kingdom, that is like Hpay today

It justcome out Rothschildafter World War I, then the United States spawned

It was Rockefeller at the time, right? It was just these big families

Then Morgan Stanley came out because the Bretton Woods system after World War II abolished the British pound

because wars and economic disasters, the World War I from 1913 to 1919, the Spanish flu pandemic and economic disaster, the Great Depression

Then to the period of President Hoover and the United States was born

World War II is over, right? Britain is over, the pound is over, the dollar is stable and set up the Federal Reserve

Thousands of individual shareholders of the Federal Reserve now control the U.S. printing and distribution of U.S. dollars

The U.S. dollar was originally pegged to gold, but in the end it was not pegged,it became the credit U.S. dollar and became fiat currency

This time it’s the complete removal of the old gold standard and all the last and only global currency tied to the gold standard, the US dollar

From the past centralized currency to a completely fake centralized currency

It has completely become waste money, paper money, this is what spawned to the arrival of the crypto currency era

What is the purpose of crypto currency?it’s ending the fiat currency in human his-tory

The entire fake era of fiat currency, including the gold standardis fake

fiat currency will gradually exit the stage of history, and the future is crypto cur-rency era

Original Video Link : https://gettr.com/post/phiqrf6537

Original Video Title: Over printed currency will enable cryptocurrencyto replace fiat currency
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Original Video Link : https://gettr.com/post/phiqrf6537

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