Beijing Winter Olympics forcefully organized pre-game tests before the official games

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On October 4, Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee announced that from October 5 to December 31, pre-games test events of the Beijing Winter Olympics will be held in 3 competition areas in Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou. All participants who have not been vaccinated, including athletes, must undergo a mandatory 21-day quarantine upon arriving in Beijing before they can enter the competition areas or venues.

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Based on estimation, there will be more than 2,000 overseas athletes, team officials, international technical officials, and timekeeping and scoring professionals arriving in Beijing in the near future to participate in various events and training to test the Winter Olympic venues. In response, CCP officials stated that the prevention and control of the epidemic will be the “top priority” of the test events, and they are faced with “great pressure” because of COVID-19.

Earlier, CCP even issued a statement stating that this Winter Olympics will only sell tickets to domestic audiences.

In fact, it is precisely because the CCP created and released the COVID-19 virus that the Winter Olympics have to be held under such extreme conditions. By today, the CCP virus has killed 4.55 million innocent people around the world and infected approximately 219 million people.

China Communist Party releases the virus and pretends to “prevent epidemics strictly” to host the Winter Olympics at the same time. What a cruel, evil, sinister and cunning Party.

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