GT Online: Middle School Canteen Questioned for Using Rotten Vegetables

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According to NetEase on Nov. 23, a video circulated on the Internet on Nov. 22 showed that the canteen of Chengbei Middle School in Miluo City, Yueyang, Hunan Province, used rotten vegetables as ingredients to provide meals for students.

The video shows a large number of cabbage, radish, potatoes and other vegetables stacked on the floor of the storage room, where some of the radish and cabbage have rotted and deteriorated, and there are even small worms crawling on them. The netizen who shot the video said that this place is located in a school canteen in Miluo, these vegetables will be used as ingredients to provide meals for the students. In this regard, netizens and parents of students have expressed concern: How can you eat such rotten leaves? I hope that the relevant departments will strictly investigate. Students are growing up, how can such ingredients pass the test? The issue of food safety should not be underestimated and should be dealt with seriously.

After the release of the video, the relevant local departments have set up a joint investigation team to intervene in the investigation. It was verified that the video was taken by an employee of the school cafeteria contracting company, and the vegetables in the video were rotten and spoiled due to improper storage and transportation before unpacking, and did not enter the students’ tables. At present, the employee has been dismissed.

The rotten and spoiled food really did not enter the students’ tables? Why did the employee who took the photo have to be fired? Very suspicious!



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