Why does Miles refer his comrades-in-arms as brothers and sisters?

Author: Jenny Ball
Editor: peacelv

Miles Guo asked a very serious question during the live broadcast on November 24: Why do I refer my comrade-in- arm of whistleblower’s Movement as “brothers and sisters”?When Mr. Wengui started to expose the CCP as his safety assurance to the followers on Twitter and Facebook in 2017, he called the audiences “Twitter friends”(netizen).But when twitter facebook banned him on their platform, as these big tech banned President Trump,  Miles changed  from netizen to “comrades-in-arm” for  the people who listened to his live broadcast and were willing to follow him to destroy the CCP as it conveyed that we were in the war to take down the CCP.

Now, Miles always refers to whistleblower’s movement followers as “brothers and sisters”, he, himself is like one of the Brothers as “brother Seven”. It would immediately make comrades have a feeling of returning to the family. In fact, the different titles used by Miles at different stage of the movement were carefully selected. Miles explained that because the most basic factor of a country and a society is the safety and happiness of each family. The ideas and ethics inherited by a family have formed the ideas of the whole society.

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However, under the 70-year rule of the CCP, all the concepts of family for the Chinese nation have been subverted, CCP has used one after another movements, such as the Cultural Revolution, which is very exactly nature as so-called CRT (Critical Race Theory) and the Cancel culture in the United States today. The CCP incited the vigorous students to destroy all the traditions and cultures, which the CCP stigmatized as feudal capitalist revisionism, and to oppose the dignity of the teacher in the school, at home CCP instilled that “fathers and mothers are not as good as CCP”. That is why the moral of Chinese society today has depraved to the extreme. It’s the sorrow of human distortion and moral degeneration of the Chinese society.

So the brothers and sisters who constitute family members, in our big family of the whistleblowers Movement, in our New Federal State of China, we are like brothers and sisters who are so close and attached to each other even though many of us have never met up. Our hearts to pursue of the freedom made us even more intimate than our blood siblings. Miles didn’t use the title of brothers and sisters casually, but with a serious consideration as it meant a lot. After perishing the evil CCP regime, our society will start from the most basic element of family to reshape with righteousness!

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