The CCP’s “Robbery of the Rich” to enrich the richest and most powerful tyrant on the planet

Author: Jenny Ball
Editor: peacelv

In today’s (November 24) five hour long live broadcast, Mr. Miles Guo used a condierable amount of time to condemn the cynicism Sima Nan, the barking dog of Wang Qishan, the vice emperor of the CCP, who wrote to humiliate the rare successful private entrepreneur in the Chinese regime, Mr. Liu Chuanzhi, founder of Lenovo Group. Mr. Liu Chuanzhi has not only cultivated a large number of elite talents for China’s IT industry, but is also the only industrialist who is recognized by his peers in the world. However, as the CCP’s new wave of harvesting leeks has begun, it has already reached fat and strong leeks, such as Alibaba’s Jack Ma, Tencent’s Ma Huateng, etc., including Lenovo’s Liu Chuanzhi.

CCP’s rubbering the rich is not at all the Robin Hood as the common people thought, it is called “killing the rich and helping the poor”, but the essence is to ransack the wealth of these wealthy companies but not a penny is to help the poor, but the wealth from the robbery went to the top of the CCP kleptocracies. and the poor class will be even more impoverished, because these companies cannot provide them with employment, and the upper and lower production chains related to the companies are facing bankruptcy. The CCP does not care about the life and death of ordinary people. Emperor Xi jingping said, people are there to be controlled and enslaved while Wan qishan said that they’d rather Chinese people ate grass for three years, the CCP thought it had been very beneficial to its people.

So never believe what the CCP says. Even the former editor-in-chief of the CCP’s own “People’s Daily” wrote in his autobiography: you can’t believe even a punctuation in People’s Daily!

Liu Chuanzhi(the chairman of Lenovo) from the internet

Thanks to the whistleblower movement led Mr. Miles Guo, who has prepared for 30 years for his mission to take down the CCP. In his words, he had been a maggot coming out of the CCP’s cesspool. If not the truth revealed by Mr. Miles 4 years live broadcasting with his first hand of the information about the top CCP leaders, not to mention the Westerners’ confusion about the CCP, as Miles referred that the Western are too. high in regard of the nature of the CCP, even a follower like me who grew up in the CCP regime did not realize that the CCP who has been indoctrinated to be “better than father and mother” does not represent the Chinese, nor does it represent China, and all the disasters of the Chinese people are because of this evil gangster Communist Party.

People in the world today also realize that the pandemic viruses and vaccines were made and released by the CCP, that the CCP is the demon to exterminate mankind! Not only will Chinese rich and wealth CCP intended to “rob the rich and help the tycoons”, it will aim the wealth of the West, the Wall Street, the American and the world!

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