GT Online: State Enterprise Boss Took 24.96 Million Bribes

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Zhang Nongke, who was once the boss of a state-owned enterprise and served as deputy secretary of the party committee and general manager of Beijing Sanitation Group for five years, took a total of more than 24.96 million yuan in bribes over 14 years, he also had inappropriate sexual relations with others, according to a Nov. 25 report by NetEase. 

The 57-year-old Zhang Nongke, born in October 1964, is a native of Siyang, Jiangsu province, with a doctorate in economics. In 2005, Zhang was transferred to the former Beijing Municipal Construction Committee.In 2009 he became deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Housing and Construction Committee. In 2014 he became deputy secretary of the party committee and general manager of the Beijing Sanitation Group. Zhang is also a lyricist and poet. He has written lyrics for songs sung by several famous singers. At the end of 2016, Zhang was featured in CCTV’s “Art of Life” program, where he talked about his feelings about writing lyrics.

In early May 2019, Zhang Nongke was caught in office on suspicion of serious disciplinary violations. In December of the same year, Zhang Nongke was expelled from the Party and public office. The Beijing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection informed Zhang Nongke of a number of problems: confronting organizational censorship, private use of public vehicles, accepting gifts, gratuities and banquets that might affect the impartial execution of official duties, running a business in violation of the law, using the influence of his position to benefit his children’s business activities, having inappropriate sexual relations with others, and using his position to facilitate and accept property from others in particularly large amounts.

Corruption of officials is a widespread problem in China. This problem will never be solved only if the CCP is not eliminated.


爱写歌词的环卫老总受贿2496万 八千国资干部受警示教育

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