Vaccine Disaster Continues As Famous Korean Girl Group Member Lisa Is Diagnosed

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On November 24, South Korea’s YG Entertainment announced that Lisa, a member of its girl group BLACKPINK, was confirmed to be infected with the CCP virus, after all members of the girl group had completed their vaccinations.

According to the Korean media, the news was confirmed by the person in charge of her company, YG Entertainment, who also revealed that Lisa had completed all the vaccinations.

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After BLACKPINK group member Lisa was diagnosed, the other members of the group were close contacts, self-isolated, and stopped all business activities to undergo nucleic acid testing.

It is understood that Lisa was a mentor of Communist China’s variety show “Youth With You” and gained a lot of Chinese fans. On the same day, the news of Lisa’s infection with the CCP virus rushed to the Chinese Communist Party’s Sina Weibo hot search.

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