Peter Navarro: Decoupling from Communist China in Trump’s 2nd Term for Sure

Translated by: MOS Education Team -Angelina

On Nov. 20, Peter Navarro in War Room pointed out that Trump for certain to decouple from Communist China in his 2nd term. In addition, he mentioned that due to the fear of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) canceling the 1st stage trade agreement, which might cause the market to collapse, then might lead to a hot war. At that time, White House officials like Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Kudlow kept persuading President Trump not to place tariffs on the CCP.

Mr. Navarro stressed that if it was Trump’s 2nd term right now, America would be taking much tougher actions to tear and 100% decoupling from communist China’s economy as well as would be not going to the Beijing Winter Olympics.


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