CDC and Big Pharma Data Confirm: More Children Will Die from the COVID Vaccine than the COVID Virus

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On Nov. 21st, Gateway Pundit published Dr. Toby Rogers’ analysis on the data from CDC and pharmaceutical corporations, including Pfizer. Dr. Rogers concluded that under the Biden administration vaccination plan, 5,248 children would be killed by Pfizer’s m-RNA COVID vaccine to save 45 from those who might die from COVID-19.

Dr. Rogers emphasizes that Pfizer fails to make an honest risk-benefit analysis among children ages 5 to 11. He also reveals that Pfizer changed their study parameters when calculating NNTV (Number Needed to Vaccinate) on children to hide the harms of the COVID vaccine.

Furthermore, the former Pfizer vice president and chief scientific officer Dr. Michael Yeadon exposed earlier this month that children are 50 times more likely to be killed by the COVID vaccines than the COVID virus itself.

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