While CCP Fails to Honor Its Promises on Providing Loans, Countries to Establish Diplomatic Relations with Taiwan and the New Federal States of China

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Mr. Miles Guo unveiled breaking news in the Nov 22nd live broadcast that CCP constantly received requests from its so-called “brotherly countries” to offer them the previously promised loans. However, the current domestic and foreign troubled economic situation makes the CCP unable to fulfill its promises. These opportunistic “brotherly countries” threaten that if CCP fails to provide loans, they will switch to establishing diplomatic relations with Taiwan or the New Federal States of China.  It is such a great irony to Chairman Xi who taunted “solid partnerships” with them during the Belt and Road Forum.

Mr. Guo also pointed out that the CCP is currently facing a severe international situation: 80% of the countries in the world are CCP’s enemies; the rest of the countries that temporarily stand with the CCP for the CCP’s financial aids. Previously, those “brotherly countries” could only blackmail the CCP by playing the “Taiwan card”, now they have an extra card, the New Federal States of China.

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