Binance Handed Over all Customers’ Information to the CCP

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Miles Guo’s latest live broadcasting on November 24 blew the whistle that Binance handed over all their customers’personal information to the Chinese Communist Party. Not only the information of Chinese registers was sold to the CCP but also registers around the world.

Miles Guo and a fellow fighter Feifei shared some experiences — what has happened to those who have an account in Binance.

Feifei said she had a Binance account many years ago and had some USDT in that account, but recently she found that she couldn’t withdraw the money out.

A fellow fighter (Le Le) invested 27 million dollars in Binance, and now Le Le wants to invest that money in Himalaya Coin. Again, the money couldn’t withdraw from Binance. In addition, Le le’s friends who have investments in Binance disappeared suddenly, and they have been accused of Illegal purchase of overseas digital currencies.

We had another fellow fighter who bought coins from Binance in America, worth more than 600,000 dollars. The Internal Revenue Service has arrested him as the CCP accused him of conducting tax evasion. And there is a great chance he will be deported to communist China.

The Communist Party now defines the purchase of overseas digital currencies as illegal money laundering. If any of our fellow fighters in Canada have a Binance account without reporting it to the Canadian government, the CCP will definitely attack them with the excuse of tax evasion.

Miles Guo warned that you would have a big trouble if your information had been put on the dark web. The CCP will threaten your family member for money and bring you down to hell. All your bank accounts and personal information will be sold again and again, and you will receive endless harassment.

And Miles Guo calls for fellow fighters who had the above experience with Binance to get ready, contact farms, and file a united lawsuit against such crime.

Source: 2021年11月24日文贵先生直播大雨围城速记 – GNEWS

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