GT Online: Why Jobless Young People are More and More in Communist China?

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According to a report from Toutiao on Nov 23, 2021,  the official data from the National Bureau of Statistics show that Communist China urban unemployment rate was 4.9% in October, but the unemployment rate for people aged 16-24 was 14.2% which is much higher than average, while the unemployment rate for people aged 20-24 with college and above was even higher.

The report said that there are two reasons for the high unemployment rate particularly for young people:

    1, Many rich families are not willing to let their children work hard, which leads to a lack of young laborers, companies can only recruit middle-aged and elderly people and pay them higher wages. The increase in labor costs will only lead to higher commodity prices in the future.

   2, young people are too picky, many of them demand more money and less work, they want that the company be close to home and require paid leaves, which makes them impossible to find a job. Such a mindset will subsequently have an impact on the economic development of communist  China.

 The logic of the CCP’s media is so funny, what they mean is that it is always your own problem that you lost the job, you are lazy and picky, and listen, boys and girls: your fault even raised the commodity prices in communist China, and affected the economic development of communist China! You are the root cause of the big problems in China, not the CCP!

The CCP is the most shameless liar in the world!


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