What Will the Bankruptcy of Evergrande Bring to Us?

The fall of Evergrande, then CCP real estate market crash 7000B of American investment Are they retrievable? Just a word from Xi. I am going to make your economy crash. Meanwhile I will attack Taiwan, easy-peasy.

【Miles Guo’s Broadcast Highlights】2021.11.14 What Will the Bankruptcy of Evergrande Bring to Us?


Soon, I think Xu Jiayin should be done this week. No more than 2 weeks. He is going to file bankruptcy. In the PPT today. No one think about the biggest question. What will the bankruptcy of Evergrande bring to us? You will watch and see Everybody must remember what I said. Everything I said in the past has been realized. This one will be realized as well The fall of Evergrande. It is not even the most important. Sunac will fall. R&F property will fall Hopson will fall. Country Garden will fall. Wang Jianlin is nothing already. Pan Shiyi this little rascal is doomed. He is hiding in NYC. He is being hunted and the CCP sworn will bring Pan’s whole family back. Couple days ago, a police officer from mainland. A man from inside of CCDI told me that they have been authorized to use any means necessary to bring Pan’s family back.

We have mutual friend inside CCDI. Been knowing each other more than 20,30 years I know who he is and Zhou Liang of Wang Qishan. He thought Zhou Liang could protect him Right? The order they receive is unprecedented. Call for bring them back at any cost Include his son. You have to see at this moment. If Evergrande declare bankruptcy  In your PPT just now. Retirement insurance would be gone. All debt from banks would not collectable. Evergrande formed some kind of “Liquidation commission” “Liquidation commission” is constituted of local police force and government officials or should be called debt process commission. Just a change of title and not been called “bankruptcy” and continue to fool you.

Fooling you until they bankrupt. This what the banks of CCP used to play. So called toxic asset. Everybody can see Lai Xiaoping. What is toxic asset. I want you to become toxic asset and you are toxic asset. Turn around you become the best asset. It’s all made up Fooling the old hundred names. How CCP is handling the bankruptcy of Evergrande. The mainstream media of west not dare to report. Saying would bring “concerns” to west That’s the title. No one in the world dare to cross the line. Saying the result of Evergrande bankruptcy. What may happen? So called “concerns” to the western capital system What kind of bullshit this is WTF is this “concern”.

You should see what I just asked Eglisees, why those media under big pharma would not talk about vaccine? and would not talk about the CCP. Did you find out? That why they are so powerful. They have the same master. They have the same narrative line about Evergrande. The same group of people. Those some of bitches. Those mainstream media are so bad. Then the real estate market. Collapsing is not just concern. It’s going to crash. Not a parabola upward, not like an apple fall from sky, but a boulder falls from above. Watch and see, then CCP real estate market crash 7000 billion of American investment. Are they retrievable? Just a word from Xi. I am going to make your economy crash. Meanwhile I will attack Taiwan, easy-peasy. ‘Romance of Three Kingdoms’, ‘Water Margin’. Countless times those Military advisers used the same method. Set your barn on fire for distraction. Then attack your small town. All distraction but coming for your headquarter. The same trick. That’s what Xi is going to do. Xi loves to read ‘Romance of three Kingdoms’ since childhood.

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