Forced demolition in a place in Hainan, a fierce conflict occurred

Written by: sdblack
Translated by: Tokyo Sakura

The video was shot in Hainan Province of the Communist China, where villagers and authorities clashed violently as the government forcibly demolished their homes. The villagers fought back on the roof of the building, throwing bricks at the demolition crew, lighting gas stoves and firecrackers, while the government’s demolition crew sprayed the villagers with high-pressure water hoses.

Forced demolition is a social phenomenon unique to the Communist China, and forced demolition is almost the most direct contradiction and conflict between the Communist regime and the people within the Communist China. Forced demolition means that the government forcibly demolishes households’ houses without the consent of the land users. The government usually deploys armed police or hires social fighters to accomplish the demolition by threatening or even directly using force, resulting in the displacement of countless families and making them homeless. Many petitioners are forced to take the path of petition because they have encountered forced demolition and have nowhere to reason with. Obviously, forced demolition violates private property, but in the Communist China, which is the dominant party, no one can challenge it and it has never thought of protecting people’s private property. It is in the name of “serving the people” and “public ownership” that the Communist Party plunders property, and no one is spared under the iron heel of communism.


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