Hundreds of International Brands Profit From Forced Uyghur Labor

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A recent report published by Sheffield Hallam University in the UK revealed that hundreds of international brands are selling cotton products associated with forced labor of Uyghurs.

A report titled “Cotton Washing, How Xinjiang Cotton is Eclipsed the International Supply Chain,” based on international trade and customs data from the past two years, found that five suppliers of yarn and fabric in Communist China that use Xinjiang cotton export their semi-finished products to international middlemen, according to the Voice of America.

Of these exports of cotton, yarn and fabric, 52% are shipped to 53 intermediate manufacturers in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Cambodia, India, Pakistan, Kenya, Ethiopia and Mexico, which in turn supply cotton garments to 103 globally recognized brands.

The report notes that since about 85 percent of the cotton in Communist China comes from Xinjiang, where the CCP forces Uyghurs to work, many international brands buy more or less of these raw materials.

Image from Voice of America

Laura Murphy, lead author of the report and professor of “Human Rights and Contemporary Slavery” at Sheffield Hallam University in the United Kingdom, said in an interview that while complex supply chains may hide the origin of raw materials, and sometimes suppliers may hide their sources or combine different sources of cotton, there is no reason why companies should not know where their products come from. These global brands must trace all their supply chains back to raw materials to ensure they do not support an economy of forced labor.

Murphy added that if a supplier cannot tell a brand where they are sourcing from and provide convincing evidence of sourcing, then the brand should terminate its relationship with that supplier.

Murphy said some companies are now actively investigating every supplier and sub-supplier, doing everything they can to ensure that no Xinjiang cotton enters their products.

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