Greenland Revoked Iron Ore Mining License of the CCP Mining Company

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According to Reuters on November 22, the Greenland government announced on Monday (22nd) that it would revoke the license of General Nice from the Communist Party of China to mine iron ore at an iron mine farm near Nuuk, the capital.

General Nice, an importer of coal and iron ore from CCP, obtained a mining license from the Isua Iron Mine in Greenland in 2015.

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In a statement, the Greenland government said that the license was revoked because the operation of the Isua Iron Mine was inactive. The statement also added that once General Nice officially returns the license, it will be provided to new interested companies.

The statement also pointed out that the CCP’s company also did not pay the agreed guarantee payment. Naaja Nathanielsen, Greenland’s Minister of Resources, said that the licensee’s repeated failure to meet the agreed deadline could not be accepted. The Greenland government asked General Nice to return all geological data, pay the remaining amount of DKK deposit of 1.5 million, and clean up the mining area.

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