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1. Is sensibility and rationality really a dualistic relationship?


Under normal circumstances, an emotional person must use his rationality as the bottom line, which means that he will not impulsively lose his sense.

A rational person must be a sympathy and empathy one for others, which means that he cannot lose his humanity rationally.

Sensibility and rationality are the basis for us to gain common sense, to control our emotions, to have empathy, and to always seek intelligent solutions, so that when we solve problems, we can have height, depth and warmth of being a human. 

2. Is “returning the wealth to the people” and “possession of wealth among the people” the same thing?


The “people” in “returning the wealth to the people” refers to the general public, which means that the regime class give back the wealth that originally belongs to the general public. They previously robbed the people through excessive taxation, over-issuance of banknotes, and fraud financial and real estate market. 

Means: reduce taxes, eliminate poverty, fully enlighten them, and enhance their right to speak and supervise.

The “people” in “possession of wealth among the people” refers to a small group of people who defend the righteousness and universal values and with “natural rights” as the core, and have both ability and political integrity. If they possesses the wealth and have the right to speak, they can lead the world out of the dark dominant, and guide the development direction of human civilization for a long time in the future.

Means: redistribution of wealth through cryptocurrency; build a global, new, healthy and powerful political, economic, cultural and educational ecosystem.

3. Do we need ideals?


Ideals seem to be far away from reality, and even out of reach. However, this is its unique value.

Ideal is like a flag, reminding you of your distance from it all the time;

Ideal is also like a mirror, reflecting your shortcomings all the time, reminding you of improvements.

4. What is morality?

“Tao” is the truth, the general rule of the universe, and the commonality;

“Te” (virtue) is the regular pattern that “Tao” reflects on specific things, and it is individuality.

Here we quote a metaphor to illustrate the relationship between “Tao” and “Te”:

The reason why the mirror emits light is not because the mirror itself can emit light, but because the sunlight refracts on the mirror itself, so it can shine.

If the mirror hides in the dark and is unwilling to receive sunlight, the mirror will not shine.

“Tao Te Ching” expounds Lao Tzu’s philosophical thoughts:

A. Tao creates but not controls; supports but not subdues, educates but not dominates.

It means: Nature raises everything but never takes them as their own; helps but does not ask for rewards; makes growth but not being the masters.

B. Governing a big country is like cooking a small delicacy

The small delicacy in here can be compared as a small fish. This means: to govern the country, you have to be as careful as if you are frying a small fish, don’t toss (the people) hard, or else it will be mess.

“Tao Te Ching” is definitely not recommending do nothing, retreat from the reality or seclusion, no cause, no results, nor is it the “Taoism” of the later generations deduced as the mystic mumbo jumbo, alchemy for wellness or immortal, fortune-telling……. But, it is advocating that we must follow the general rules of the universe, whether it is to be a person, do things, or govern the country. Only by meeting the requirements of “Tao” can we realize the “govern by doing nothing that goes against nature” (meaning: an ideal society does not need governance at all, because everyone has reached the state of being less selfish, more pure and good).

It can be seen that Lao Tzu is a very ideal person, he described a highly civilized and very ideal human society more than 2500 years ago, which is still a height that we cannot reach now.

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