A Director of Shanghai Public Security Bureau was Expelled from the Party and Public Office

Written by: Ermat

Image Source: sohu.com

According to Sohu News on November 24, the Shanghai Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision informed that Shen Yuxin, former party secretary and director of the Data Division of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau, were expelled from the party and public positions for serious disciplinary violations.

Shen Yuxin, as leading party members of the public security organs, lost his ideals and beliefs and abandoned his original intention of joining the party. He indulged in the flattery of others and pursued hedonism and money-grubbing. He confused the line between public power and private profit, and had no respect for party discipline and state law. The bottom line of his behavior was completely lost. His moral degradation caused serious damage to the Party’s cause and the image of the public security team, and had a bad impact on the political ecology of the political and legal system.

The briefing said that Shen Yuxin violated political discipline, destroyed, transferred and concealed evidence. He deliberately confronted organizational review and ignored the spirit of the eight central provisions. He irregularly accepted banquets, entertainment activities and services arranged by others. He received gifts extensively and violated organizational discipline. He concealed the fact that he purchased a house outside of China, violating integrity discipline. He violated work discipline and used public instruments for private purposes. He violated life discipline by enjoying himself and frequenting entertainment venues. He drank high-grade liquor and accepted paid escorts of women. He used his authority for the benefit of others and accepted huge bribes.



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