Governments Should Be Wary Of China As They Are The Online SuperPower

Nov. 24th, 2021

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In a recent story by The Mail Online, 23rd November 2021, it reported on the idea that countries without proper cyber regulations should be wary about engaging with the CCP as the communist-run country positions itself as an online superpower, a new report has warned.

China is striving to strengthen cooperation with other governments and organisations to work on online control and set the rules, standards, and values of the internet.

Australian Strategic Policy Institute has said that China is trying to replicate its own system of censorship in other jurisdictions and reshape the global norms such as free speech that are associated with internet usage, ‘Countries should consider the future of cyberspace and what information should be shared, and even controlled, by countries such as China,’ the institute’s new report says.

‘The Chinese Communist Party is enabling a division of cyberspace to create one that’s susceptible to surveillance and ideological influence.’

The report comes after concerns about Chinese and Russian cyber and power were discussed in parliament as MPs passed a bill on Monday giving stronger powers to Australia’s cyber spies.

To learn more about this story please click the link: Dramatic warning China wants to CONTROL the world’s internet as Australian ex-general warns the nation is unprepared for the ‘full power’ of the Communist giant’s cyber capabilities

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