11/23/2021 China Insight

Nov. 24th, 2021

  1. November 22, an explosion occurred in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. The CCP officially claimed that it had caused 1 death and 14 injuries, and the accident was caused by a pipeline gas leak.
  2. November 22, Nanchang, Jiangxi. A residential building collapsed. Officials said the accident had killed 4 people in 3 families.
  3. November 22,  Ganjingzi District, Dalian, Liaoning. Residents were sealed off in the middle of the night due to an official notification of newly confirmed cases of COVID-19.
  4. Citizens filmed the scene of people sleeping on the floor at night in the Communist Chinese hospital, lamenting the difficulties of their life.
  5. In Wuhan, Hubei, a woman jumped off a building with resentment after a conflict with a pet owner who walked a dog without a rope. Hundreds of neighbors mourned at the site on the 19th.
  6. November 22, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. A private house caught fire due to a memorial ceremony at home and two people were killed.
  7. Three months after the floods in rural Henan, the government has no post-disaster protection, and the villagers can hardly survive.
  8. November 19, Guangzhou, Guangdong. Citizens’ houses were demolished, and residents wanted to jump off the building to protest.
  9. November 21, Xinyi City, Maoming, Guangdong. Suspected of an emotional dispute, a man killed two people in the street and waited for the police to arrest him. The murderer’s methods of injury were extremely cruel.
  10. November 20, Dalian, Liaoning. The clothes donated by the residents to the impoverished mountainous areas were loaded into the garbage trucks that transported garbage.
  11. November 20, Zhoukou, Henan. The son took his since 6-year ago paralyzed dad to pick peppers for the neighbor’s house and do odd jobs to subsidize the family.
  12. November 21, Nanning, Guangxi. A white car lost control on the bridge and knocked down several electric bikes , and many people were injured at the scene.

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