Miles Whistleblowing 11.24.2021 Binance Is a Money-Swindling and Intelligence Collection Platform for the CCP

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In his broadcast on November 24, Mr. Miles Guo exposes the criminal activities of Binance, the allegedly global largest cryptocurrency exchange boasting of a daily transaction volume of USD 170 billion.

Binance has handed over all the KYC information of its customers, whether they are from China or other countries, to the CCP and has refused investors’ requests for withdrawing money from its platform. It has allowed itself to be used as a money-swindling and intelligence collection platform by the CCP.

All the Binance investors in Mainland China should get ready for potential criminal investigation and persecution by the CCP. There have been reports about Chinese Binance investors being disappeared or arrested in Mainland China.

The Binance customers in the western countries are not safe either. The CCP may use their information for blackmailing or disclose their cryptocurrency investments to the tax authorities of the countries where they stay. As a result, these investors may also be subject to criminal investigations and some overseas Chinese may even be extradited to Mainland China as a result. The CCP may also sell their KYC information on the deep web, turning them into targets of various criminal crimes.

Apart from giving the KYC information to the CCP, the CEO of Binance, Zhao Changpeng, has got the new assignment from the CCP to smear and sabotage the Himalaya Coin and the Himalaya Exchange which is a most powerful rival of Binance and a deadly threat to the CCP. That’s why Wang Qishan had arranged him to attend the Bloomberg New Economy Forum in Singapore on November 17.

Now, Zhao is hiding in Dubai. Why? Because as a close partner of the CCP, Dubai is where the CCP’s intelligence base and workstation are located. Zhao, together with his team of more than a thousand staff, is able to enjoy a safe and luxurious life there while collaborating with the CCP.

Zhao may risk being arrested and locked up for the rest of his life in other countries because of all the illegal operations of Binance which is indeed a fraud. No one knows how much money is still in Binance’s accounts. Once Binance declares bankruptcy, Zhao will not need to return the money to the investors and may get away with sharing the KYC information with the CCP. He will make a killing by this bold stroke and he is a whizz at hiding money. Since ha is a big player in Bitcoin speculation and has accounts on the dark web, not even the CIA can find his stashes of money.

Under these circumstances, Zhao will probably be killed and robbed of his property by the CCP or by other criminals. Few collaborators of the CCP can die a natural death, just like Wang Jian (CEO of Hannan Airlines, who was murdered in Provence, France), Jack Ma, Bruno Wu, and many other ostensible entrepreneurs who serve as front men for the kleptocratic families of the politburo members and spies for the CCP.

Mr. Guo has called for investors registered on Binance to join the class action which the New Federal State of China (NFSC) will initiate against Binance. Actually, the NFSC has shared intelligence about Binance and Zhao Changpeng with many governments and received a lot of positive responses. The NFSC will seek to freeze the assets of Binance and Zhao’s to protect the investors from losing all their investments.


Miles Guo’s Broadcast on November 24

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