Republicans are Changing States’ Laws to Try to Get out of Federal Vaccine Mandates

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According to media reports on November 22, Republican lawmakers across the country look determined to take on the Biden administration’s insistence that employers require their workers to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

According to the news, the dominant Republican in the Kansas state legislature said that workers in the state should be given the freedom to circumvent the mandatory COVID-19 vaccine policy. To this end, Kansas has suspended the implementation of the temporary emergency standards previously implemented by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

At the same time, Iowa also passed a new law that expanded the right of individuals to refuse vaccinations but still retain their jobs or receive unemployment benefits.

Lawmakers in Florida passed a bill that would fine businesses $10,000 per violation if they didn’t offer a number of exemptions to their employees. 

The governor in Wyoming signed only one of the 20 bills that were written during the special session — a law that gives his office $4 million dollars to challenge federal vaccine mandates.

So far, conservative lawmakers in Florida, Iowa, Kentucky, Tennessee, Wyoming, and North Dakota have completed special meetings on the COVID-19 vaccine injunction and passed a bill aimed at invalidating the federal COVID-19 vaccine injunction.

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