America Finally Terminates Operations Of China Telecom For The USA

Nov. 24th, 2021

The logo for Chinese telecommunications firm China Telecom is seen on a booth at the China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) in Beijing on Sept. 5, 2020. (Mark Schiefelbein/AP Photo)

In a recent article by The Epoch Times on the 22nd November 2021,  it reports on the story of the huge Chinese company ‘China Telecom’ disputing in court on November 15th the termination of their operations in America by the American government due to security concerns regarding the Chinese based company and their possible ties with the CCP, The October order cited national security concerns, saying China Telecom “is subject to exploitation, influence, and control by the Chinese government and is highly likely to be forced to comply with Chinese government requests without sufficient legal procedures subject to independent judicial oversight.”

With legitimate reasons for concern about ‘Chinese Telecom’ to be unable or unwilling to prevent the CCP from ordering them to surrender any unauthorised information regarding their customers which includes America, one of those reasons is the fact that the ‘Chinas National Intelligence law of 2017’ actually requires them by law to surrender all customer information that the CCP demands for there own ominous reasons.

For a more detailed look inside this story please click the link here:China Telecom Pushes Back Against US Order to Shut Down

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