GT Online: A Best Computer Game Player Has To be a CCP Member First in China

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According to a report from Weibo on Nov 23, 2021,  Ming Kai, the EDG eSports Club player, led by the club’s general manager and coach Ji Xing (CCP member), officially became a member of the China Communist Party under the witness of municipal leaders in Shanghai, and also the first famous and talented Chinese online video game player joined the CCP!

The news says that in the last 10 years, Ming Kai passed the assessment of the CCP leaders with his excellent performance and extremely dedicated professional attitude, and was officially approved to join the party as an e-sports player, while his leader Ji Xing is also an excellent member of the CCP, having led the e-sports players to the Asian Games gold medal in the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games.

The CCP hopes talented people like Ming Kai can pass on the excellent qualities to other young people with his huge influence!

Ming Kai said he is a Wuhan local and was deeply moved by the fact that the CCP members in Wuhan were always on the front line during last year’s epidemic, he was even more determined to join the Party. 

There are double standards in Communist China. On the one hand, it is said to control the game time of teenagers, on the other hand, the players are required to join the CCP, to fight for the glory of the CCP so that more young people will follow. Everywhere, even personal hobbies must be labeled as communist, is there any freedom in this society?


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