Mr. Guo Wengui Replies to Brothers-in-arms Regarding the Plummeting of HCN

Translated by: MOS member – Tienan Sun

November 22nd, Mr. Guo Wengui responded to the brothers-in-arms of the Whistleblower Movement on GETTR Live regarding the dramatic drop in HCN trading on Sunday.

Mr. Guo said that the sharp drop in HCN was the result of malicious low price selling by some sellers, among which there were ill-intentioned and deliberate lurkers of the CCP’s anti-Whistleblower Movement team. However, the persistence of the majority of HCN holders and the continuous entry of high-quality buyers allowed the price of HCoin to recover to $38 in a short period of time. The smash did not have a bad impact, but on the contrary, confirmed the true value of HCoin and the reliability of Himalaya Exchange.

In addition, Mr. Guo reminded the brothers and sisters not to forget our mission to take down the CCP wanted them to keep in mind that:

First, the new GTV investor will be the original shareholder of the G-series investment. Only those brothers-in-arms who own a stake in the new GTV will be entitled to a 5% stake in Himalaya Exchange, and will also be the shareholders of 5% of GETTR in the future, and enjoy the privilege of investing in FASHION’s original stock investment.

Second, members with Gclub cards will have priority agency rights of Hpay.

Third, if you sell your coins with malicious intent, your coins will be withdrawn and refunded. At any time, the Global Himalayan Alliance has the right to disqualify holders who violate the HCN Quota Commitment Agreement from holding HCN. Because the amount was earned by the alliance, the Agreement has legal effect.

Mr. Guo called on brothers and sisters to cooperate with the Himalaya Global Alliance’s actions to find the scammer and coin smasher, and work together to protect the interests of quality investors in the Himalaya Exchange.


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