Why China Downgraded Relations with Lithuania Instead of Break off?

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China downgraded its diplomatic relations with Lithuania after Taiwan’s representative office was officially established in Lithuania on November 18. A question raised by the public that why China didn’t punish Lithuania by breaking diplomatic relations between the two countries instead?

On November 22, the state-run media, Shenzhen TV’s “Live in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan”, responded in the form of guest interviews.

Special Commentator Liu Heping said the move was to demonstrate China’s determination towards Taiwan, but also to prevent the trend of challenge of “one China” principle from worldwide.

To stop the possible trend of challenging “one China” principle internationally, the action against Lithuania should be appropriate. Break off diplomatic relations with Lithuania will be at Tsai Ing-wen administration’s will because they will establish diplomatic relations with Lithuania. If so, China will lose a diplomatic partner while Tsai Ing-wen administration will gain a great deal.

In addition, strong responses will easily provoke backlashes from other small Central and Eastern European countries and provide opportunities for America to fan the flames further and sow discord between China and Taiwan. As a result, downgrading instead of decoupling is the best option.

Apparently, the state official media’s response to the question shows the real thought of the Chinese Communist Party, fearing of decoupling with Lithuania. Based on their current situation–extreme international isolation, Chinese government could face a diplomatic crisis if they break the diplomatic relations with Lithuania.

Internationally, there is no doubt about that the Whistleblowers’ Movement and the New Federal State of China will make CCP run like rats.

Source:为什么不与立陶宛断交?中共官媒回应很尴尬 – GNEWS

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