The President of the Philippines Expresses His Hatred of the CCP for Illegally Blocking the Philippine Supply Ships

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – LaoSan

On November 22 local time, at the 30th anniversary summit of the establishment of a dialogue relationship between ASEAN and the CCP, Philippines President Duterte expressed his hatred for the use of water cannons against the Philippine supply ships by the CCP’s coast guard ships. He emphasized on this will affect the relationship between the Philippines and the CCP, The only way is to solve the problem by the rule of law.
On November 16, the CCP illegally blocked the Philippine supply ships. Then the next day, US State Department spokesperson Price warned, Any “armed attack” against Philippine public ships would lead to the initiation of the U.S.-Philippines Treaty in 1951, that is the United States has an obligation to protect the Philippines as an ally.
It is understood this week the Philippine military will resume delivery of supplies to Philippine soldiers stationed in Oliver Shoal.


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