G Times: People, To Be Body and Soul

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Translation: XiaoYu

What is a person?

What does it mean to be?

It is usual to assume a person is doing great if he: navigates smoothly around social circles, is good at bending with the wind and going with the flow , seeks advantages and avoids disadvantages, sees eye to eye with decent people, and deals appropriately with indecent people.

And those who don’t understand the sophistication of these people are usually labelled “they have no clue of how to be.”

When it comes to being a person, we must first understand what a person is.

The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle believed that unless we first figure out the source, purpose, and definition of things, we cannot really understand things.

So, let us first define what a “person” is.

People are divided into body and soul. I think most will agree with this.

During the Spring and Autumn Period in China 2500 years ago, Lao Tze wrote in the “Book Of Ethics” that “body and soul are blended”.

In ancient Greece 2400 years ago, the philosophers like Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle all believed in the existence of the soul. Many philosophers, scientists, and writers in later eras believed that human beings have souls.

Although the soul cannot be seen or touched, its existence is undeniable. Many scientists have carried out experiments to qualify the substance of soul in terms of  composition, and energy field. But unfortunately, with current technology, the soul, as worthy as it might be, is still unmeasurable.

Therefore, when we talk about the concept of “person”, the soul must be involved.

So, when we talk about “being”, are we talking about “being the flesh”, “being the soul”, or both?

If you agree that “people” have a soul, then when we talk about “being”, we must be “body and soul”. Our actions must not contaminate our soul, because the body may die, but the soul is immortal.

Regarding the “theory of the immortality of the soul”, we can find similar views in the works of Plato, Buddhism and other religions, and the works of countless philosophers. There is no need to unfold each of them here.

Socrates also believed that all evil deeds stem from ignorance, and that doing evil will harm us and destroy the most valuable thing-the soul.

Therefore, when we are choosing how to “be human”, the first thing we must consider is that we must acknowledge the existence of the soul and try our best to maintain the purity of the soul.

Hence when you go with “being sleek in social circles, bending with the wind and going with the flow, seeking advantages and avoiding disadvantages, seeing eye to eye with the decent and dealing appropriately with the indecent” is all it needs to rightly be, some good may rub off on your body. But this hardly does any good to improve the purity of your soul.

In the darkest moments, the greatest souls are often born because people take advantage of their predicaments, constantly challenge the darkness, tempering their souls. Their souls are tough, noble and transparent, emanating rays of benevolence and brilliance of humanity. They are the true elements of light. They are angels. They are immortal. They are Himalayas.

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