U.S. Lawmakers Condemn IOC’s Collusion With Chinese Communist Party To Abuse Shuai Peng

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The disappearance of Chinese tennis star Shuai Peng for several days has attracted international attention. The CCP official media has recently released photos and videos of Shuai Peng, but they have not only failed to relieve people’s concern about Peng’s freedom and safety, but also increased suspicion. To our surprise, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has suddenly come forward to help the Chinese Communist Party “clean up”.

On November 21, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) suddenly released a statement from its president, Thomas Bach, on a video call with Shuai Peng, proving that she was “safe and sound,” according to a November 23 report in the Liberty Times. In response, U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul, the ranking Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, issued a statement condemning the IOC for becoming an active participant in the CCP’s mistreatment of Shuai Peng.

Republican U.S. Rep. McCaul (photo by AFP)

McCaul noted that the IOC did not submit the contents of Bach’s video call with Peng to the independent media. The only other person present at the scene besides Peng and IOC officials was the vice president of the CCP National Olympic Committee, who is also a high-ranking CCP official.

According to McCaul, the IOC officials’ unthinking acceptance of the CCP’s foreign propaganda speech was already disturbing enough. The IOC has become an active participant in the CCP’s abuse of Shuai Peng by cooperating with the CCP’s “public relations propaganda”.

In a statement, McCaul said the IOC is now less focused on protecting the well-being of Olympic athletes and more on its economic partnership with the Chinese Communist Party.

McCaul also stressed that the Biden administration should take action against the Chinese Communist Party, which has committed genocide and human rights violations in the past, and now the IOC is directly colluding with the Chinese Olympic Committee to suppress Shuai Peng, and prepare for the imminent “hostile environment” for U.S. athletes who will participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics.

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