A Chinese Mining Enterprise Suspected of Illegal Mining in Congo Was Attacked and Five Chinese Were Kidnapped

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“The Epoch Times” news on November 22, a local official and a military spokesman in the Democratic Republic of the Congo said on 21 November that a gold mine near the village of Mukera in South Kivu in southeastern Congo was attacked, killing a policeman and abducting 5 Chinese citizens overnight.

According to L’Agence France-Presse (AFP), Dieudonne Kasereka, a spokesman for the regional army, said that at 2 a.m on Sunday, the camp of a group of Chinese was attacked by armed bandits. A total of 14 people were in the camp, 5 of whom were abducted by the attackers and their whereabouts were unknown, and the other 9 had been safely evacuated. One policeman was killed and another was injured in the attack.

Lusambya Wanumbe, head civil society in the Fizi region, said that the kidnapped CCP(Chinese) company had been operating gold mines in the area for four or five months. Due to local people accusing it of not complying with the rules and protesting, it is usually difficult for the company to carry out mining activities.


Previously, Theo Kasi, Governor of South Kivu suspended the operation of six small companies of the CCP and ordered all local and foreign employees to leave the local area on the grounds that these enterprises illegally mined gold mines, which not only harmed the rights and interests of the people, but also caused environmental pollution.

It is reported that Congolese President Felix Tshisekedi is currently reviewing the 60 billion-dollar so-called “infrastructure-for-mineral” agreement signed by Congo and investors in the Communist China. The agreement was signed under the leadership of former President Joseph Kabila.

Congo is the world’s largest cobalt producer and Africa’s major copper mine producer. Current President Tshisekedi expressed his concern that some mining contracts would not fully benefit Congo.

A study released by AidData, a U.S. research institute, pointed out that the CCP has adopted the “Angola model” in many African countries it assists, that is, to provide infrastructure funds to some resource-rich countries in exchange for local raw materials. Nowadays, this model is becoming more and more suspicious. Some countries have been warily aware that the CCP is opening up another kind of “new colonialism” in Africa.

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