Freedom Day Melbourne Makes History


Hundreds of thousands of people that have gathered all in unity to fight this bill and to stand for freedom. 

We come in today to protest against the pandemic legislation.

The reason is that sort of power should not be in the hands of one person. They’re under a lot of stress and a lot of pressure.

Because they don’t want to be forced or coerced into an injection they don’t want.

Just for freedom for all Australian pretty much.

I’m here to protect our freedom to make medical choices to be fully participate in life.

And I am here standing in line to protect the children that they’re coming after next.

Putting the power into one person exactly what Hitler did, Mussolini did.  What happened to the Turks in Armenia?

It’s genocide, it’s medical apartheid.  It’s so wrong on all levels

You know what it is.  You know it’s corrupt.  You know that things need to change.

Ah, totally against mandates, there’s no place for mandates in this country, Mandates and vaccines are evil.

There should be absolutely no way that you forced person to take a medical procedure against their will.

Anxiety that I feel inside my body, everyday growing with you can’t go here, you can’t go there.

Try to step on human spirit, when you are trying to get in the way of people’s God given right.

Understand when the people line up in the millions, there is nothing, absolutely nothing that will stop them.

Don’t give up your liberty, just don’t.

Care each other, look after each other, respect each other.

At the end of this, we are going to have a lot of forgiveness for each other.

So one person makes huge difference if they bring people coming together.

I’ll be able to have one day, my children will look at me in the eye, hey, when this happened, what did you know about and what did you do.

When you arrive here, this is sea of people, they are all one big family, and everybodyis absolutely supportive.

And you know you’re not alone and the groups are much much bigger than they try to make out.

We all should rise up. If we don’t believe in something and we don’t believe it you know in our heart.

We should all rise up with one voice and let the governments know.

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