Large Scale Rally Against Vaccine Mandate in Sydney, Australia

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Translated by: XO酱

Today, Australia’s freedom movement have reached yet another milestone, with tens of thousands of people from all walks of life marching and rallying in major capital cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth.

Sydney in particular, has seen its very first legal assembly since the lockdown was lifted. Sydney police had sent out 600 police officers to maintain order.

Around 11:30 in the morning, the sky was overcast, but people still gathered to Hyde Park in Sydney from all directions. Some were vaccinated and some opposed to the vaccine, but everyone gathered together for the common goal of “Freedom Freedom”. It was very peaceful and friendly, where people actively exchanged information and shared feelings.

Some of the people who participated in the event included families of all ages, those in wheelchairs, young parents with dogs and strollers, and many of them were obviously immigrant families. They made clear that they cherished “democracy”. Freedom’s civil rights.

There were various flags and hand-held cards, with slogans for freedom. The police are also very friendly and conscientious. The whole rally was peace where people expressed their demands peacefully and rationally.

The crowds eventually moved to Martin Place. Representative Craig Kelly and Australia One Party leader Riccardo Bosi gave speeches respectively. The rally reached a climax.

However, 9News, the mainstream Australian media outlet, first made an unclear statement about the number of people participating in the rally, only to understate it to be ‘over ten thousand people’, and then tried to frame the rally as a protest against vaccines. There is none that is more further from the truth! This is not a protest against vaccines, this is a protest for freedom of medical choice.

This tactic by the media is extremely dangerous and seems intended to mislead the public. In the CCP’s “1989 Movement” and the “Hong Kong Anti-Send China Movement”, we have learned how harmful it is to first stigmatize and then suppress. Is the same tactic being deployed in Australia?

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