Canadian Government is Rapidly Propelling Its Evil Plan to Vaccinate Children



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Last Sunday, a UPS plane carried thousands of pediatric vaccines touching down at an airport in Hamilton, Ontario, marking the next phase of the national mass immunization campaign. The delivery of the first batch of CCP virus vaccines for children signals the accelerated shipment of vaccines for children between 5 and 11. This happened shortly after last Friday when Health Canada approved the a modified version of Pfizer vaccine and the federal government immediately promise to get some children vaccinated 48 hours later. The government promptly acts to rapidly propel its campaign for children’s vaccination. 

The reason behind the government’s fast action on vaccinating children is that people across the world are awakening quickly. To continuously cheat Canadians becomes more difficult than before, since the truth and disasters of vaccine prevails everywhere throughout the world. Using the deadly bio-weapon to depopulating humankind is a part of the evil agenda of dark forces in the world. Meanwhile to immunizing millions of children allows the big pharmaceutical companies to make huge profits.

The regulator Health Canada repeats that the vaccine is 90.7% effective in preventing CCP virus from children and produces no identified serious side-effect. But we have already known that there are so many children from other countries are suffering from severely side effects and even died of the vaccination. All those tragedies were always attributed to the victims and nobody questions or blames the vaccine itself. The provinces of Canada are cooperating closely with the federal government to rolling out the vaccines. Once getting vaccinated, Canadian children will definitely become the victims of the CCP virus vaccine. 

One of the pioneers of the mRNA technology, Robert Malone advised not to apply it on anyone who is healthy and under 50 years old. The mRNA “vaccine” is not those function through injecting the dead or severely weakened bacteria or virus into human bodies. 

Normally it takes about a decade for a type of vaccine to be authorized for general use. The CCP virus vaccine was approved for human use in less than one year and there are no clinical trial data to prove its effectiveness and safety for the public. There is no doubt today that the CCP virus vaccine is experimental and do not prevent the inoculated from infection. Children can’t judge the vaccine nor protect themselves — the responsibilities rest on the parents. Canadians need to wake up quickly to rescue their children.

Reference: Plane carrying doses of COVID-19 vaccines for kids touches down in Canada

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