Unrestricted warfare: VOA speaks for foreign totalitarians


In a news summary issued by the White House on Thursday, Voice of American was criticized for spending US taxpayer dollars to speak for America’s adversaries.

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Created in 1942 to combat Nazi propaganda with accurate and unbiased news and information in over 40 languages, the Voice of America (VOA) became one of the most successful weapons against evil regimes during WWII and the Cold War. As the world is plagued by the CCP-virus, the Americans found that VOA itself became a communist propaganda machine against American interest and value.

As Ronald Reagan emphasized, America is a shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere. VOA was a ray of light offering hope and comfort to people in bondage.

Loved by the oppressed and feared by the oppressors, VOA’s transformation is the result of the Chinese Communist’s “unrestricted warfare” against the US and the free world.

VOA in China after 1949

Picture above: persecution under the Chinese Communist Party’s reign of terror.

After the Chinese Communist Party took power in 1949, listening to “enemy radio stations” like VOA or BBC was a crime punishable by law in China before the 1980s. At the height of the Cultural Revolution, Li Zhimei was executed for listening to “enemy radio station”. But it could not stop people who were hungry for truth and information, especially during times of uncertainty after the Sino-Soviet split (1956–1966) and Chairman Mao’s death (1978).

Picture above: Chinese poster forbidding people from listening to “enemy radio stations” from the the Soviet Union, Taiwan and Vietnam.

Many older Chinese still remember those adventurous nights listening to VOA with lights turned off and volume minimized. They are forever grateful for the heartwarming voices in the darkest days of their lives. It was an unforgettable and indescribable feeling, knowing that there were other human beings out there who cared about the well-being of the Chinese people.

Picture above: a radio was a “Crime Tool”.

“VOA Incidence”: an abrupt ending of Miles Guo’s live interview in 2017

After the Cold War, VOA was still one of the beloved foreign stations in the hearts of the Chinese people. But its image was tarnished after an abrupt ending to Miles Guo’s live interview on April 19, 2017. It shocked the world when VOA yielded to the pressure from the Chinese Communist government.

As Mr. Guo is exposing the Chinese Communist Party’s ambition for global domination via “unrestricted warfare”, VOA incidence let people realize the severity of the CCP’s infiltration in the west.

Video: the original VOA interview with Miles Guo (Guo Wengui) in Chinese. The 3-hour interview was cut short under the pressure from the CCP.

After the VOA incidence, more and more people are joining the anti-CCP Expose Revolution led by Mr. Guo as he reveals CCP’s BGY strategy against the west:

  • B – blue – Cyber Attack,
  • G – Gold – money and bribery
  • Y – Yellow – seduction and scandal

Picture above: there might be conflict of interest for VOA’s director Amanda Bennett because of her husband’s business ties with China.

Picture above: Jing Zhang, Managing Editor, East Asia and Pacific – Voice of America

To Miles Guo’s surprise, one of the CCP senior leaders told him that Jing Zhang is “one of our own people”.

As the world is trying to get rid of the CCP-virus in the human bodies, it also needs to get rid of the CCP-virus deeply infiltrated into their political, social and business systems.

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