One Week Analysis of Himalaya Coins

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – tang777

The price of Himalaya Coin rose from roughly $30 high up to around $40 in the past week, and now it has fallen back to about $37, within a week,  the highest gain exceeded of 33%. 

The trading volume of Himalaya Coin has up to 18 million since its launch, accounting for only about 1.8% of the total circulation this year. Large institutional investors have not yet into this market, the market is trading at a low volume and the price is still seriously underestimated.

 Miles Guo revealed in the live stream that HPay will be launched soon, HCoin will be freely exchangeable around the world, and HCoin’s mortgage loan function will also be launched within a few months. 

The U.S., Canada, and Japan will soon open for KYC. Prior to that, the rise in the price at this time of HCoin is far from the beginning.

Also on Monday, Danube Properties Real Estate Development Company, a top 10 real estate developer in the UAE and the number one building materials supplier in Dubai, signed an agreement to accept HCoin & HDollar for any of its properties. 

According to Miles Guo live stream, with the entry of HCoin into circulation and the physical development of G-Fashion and G-Club, all kinds of physical stores will accept HCoin for payment, and the value of HCoin will reach in unimaginable heights and change the way of life of human beings, and will definitely surpass Bitcoin in three years. 

Miles Guo suggested that investors of HCoin could sell a little bit to meet their needs to maintain their life in May next year, and consider taking some of it as collateral in a year, while the real value of HCoin will only be revealed in 2-3 years.

Reference: 喜马拉雅币一周分析

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