Biden Administration Pre-Orders 10 Million Courses of COVID Oral Drug

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Recently, the Biden administration entered into a procurement agreement with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals to purchase oral drugs used to treat the CCP virus.

The Biden administration has reached an agreement with Pfizer and paid $5.3 billion to ensure that Pfizer will produce a 10 million course of the CCP virus pill, which has not yet been approved in any country in the world, according to RFI.

This comes after the Biden administration expanded an agreement with Merck, another COVID drug maker, to commit $2.2 billion for 3.1 million courses of the drug, a deal that also has yet to be approved by U.S. drug regulators.

Le « Washington Post » a rapporté le 16 novembre 2021 que le gouvernement américain prévoyait d’annoncer cette semaine l’achat de 10 millions de traitements © SOPA Images/SIPA

But Mr. Miles Guo was the one who warned in the GTV broadcast on Nov. 10 that the oral medicine of the CCP virus may be more harmful to the body than the vaccine.

Mr. Guo relayed the words of the CCP military scientists who fled Europe, saying that the oral medicine of the CCP virus was the remedy to deal with AIDS and gonorrhea back then, and to deal with dysentery and cholera in Africa, and that this medicine has great side effects of hormones, and more exaggeratedly, it can induce serious heart disease.

The scientist also stressed that the oral drug is more toxic than the vaccine, and that the drug, when broken down in the body, will directly affect the nervous system and then the circulatory system, which will trigger a variety of more insidious chronic diseases.

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