Broadcast|The Era of Cultural Revolution 2.0 Will Bring Deep Suffering to Civilians

By: MOS Translation Team — Kayla

On November 17, Miles revealed in Grand Live that the CCP announced the third major resolution of the Sixth Plenary Session, namely the “10 Upholders” of the CCP, four hours after Biden-Xi Virtual Summit, which in essence means that the CCP will continue to stick to the one-party dictatorship and the emperor system. At the same time, the Communist China will completely halt the reform and opening up of the economy and launch a new cultural revolution.

Miles also mentioned that the CCP would immediately withdraw all economic freedom rights, which means that all private enterprises would be nationalized and a communist system of capital would be implemented. After that, the CCP would gradually decouple itself from the world economy and ideology, and achieve a real closed-border regime.

According to Miles Guo, it is the nature of the Communist Party to be unconfident and pander to foreigners, so it will be getting weaker and weaker toward the United States. However, the United States and the West will regard the CCP as a greater threat via this Sixth Plenary Session.

Miles also warned that no one is safe in the Communist China – Afghanistan’s today is the Chinese tomorrow. Everyone should be prepared for the disaster that is falling on the Chinese at the speed of light.

Article: The Era of Cultural Revolution 2.0 Will Bring Deep Suffering to Civilians

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