Mr. Miles Guo Invested in AMD Chips 20 Years ago, Forecasting the World’s Lifeblood

Translated by: MOS Health – Wenfei

On November 17, during the live broadcast of Mr. Miles Guo, Caogen Brother asked a question to Miles Guo that how could he gained such foresight and judgment of in-depth investing of the world’s lifeblood areas, such as investing AMD chips and core engineers in AMD and TSMC back in 2000.

Mr. Guo responded that if people open to the wisdom, then they would understand lots of things. He wishes all comrades in arms find the way to understand life, and obtain the wisdom and success. First, get farther away from mainland Chinese and work with superiors who understand the core wisdom and humility. The seniors will introduce more successful people to you and board your vision. This is why Mr. Guo knows so many national leaders. Only by enlightening one’s inner wisdom and contacting wise people can we climb to civilization’s peak and thoroughly release our inner potential.

Mr. Guo finally emphasized: the New Federal states of China do not need religion. But we must have faith. The New Federal states of China believes Gods and universe. The citizens of the New Federal states of China have missions guided by the supernatural power from the universe. 

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