GT Online: Twenty-Five Covid-19 Vaccines Enter Clinical Trials in China

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China currently has 25 Covid-19 vaccines in clinical trials, of which four have received approval from the Drug Administration for conditional marketing, three were recently approved for emergency use in China, and 14 were approved for phase III clinical trials outside China, NetEase reported on Nov. 22.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, China has immediately deployed five technical routes: inactivated vaccine, recombinant protein vaccine, adenovirus vector vaccine, nucleic acid vaccine, and attenuated influenza virus vector vaccine. At the same time, researchers have advanced the development of Covid-19 vaccines and have achieved full coverage of clinical trials for all five technical routes. One adenovirus vector vaccine has received conditional marketing approval from the State Drug Administration and is undergoing mass vaccination in China. Three other vaccines are in Phase I and II clinical trials. Previously, recombinant protein vaccines were not yet available. Now, one has been approved by the State Drug Administration for emergency use and is expected to apply for conditional marketing in the near future. Four other recombinant protein vaccines in China are in Phase III clinical trials abroad, and four recombinant protein vaccines are in Phase I and II clinical trials.

With such large-scale R&D and production, I wonder how many more people will die from Chinese communist vaccines in this world.



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