A Report from the Japanese Cutting-edge Clinical Medicine Conference Claims Genetic Vaccines are Toxic

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – Laniakea

On November 20, local time, the fourth academic conference of the Japanese Cutting-edge Clinical Medicine was held in Tokyo. On November 21 at the meeting, Mr. INOUE MASAYASU, professor emeritus of Osaka City University, addressed a lecture on the Covid-19 virus, a.k.a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus, and the CCP virus vaccine, drawing great attention from the attendees.

Prof. MASAYASU’s research revealed that the CCP virus actually causes blood clots, with pneumonia as a secondary symptom since the S protein acts as a blood clot toxin. In 1233 vaccine-related deaths, blood clots and circulatory disorders are typically to blame. The DNA vaccine is a genetically modified, semi-permanent active vaccine, and the mRNA vaccine is deposited in the adrenal glands and ovaries.

In Professor MASAYASU’s report, he stated people who have Covid-19 virus asymptomatic infection can acquire immune memory, so Japanese patients present ADE antibodies. He, therefore, concludes that vaccinating children and people of childbearing who are not at risk of the CCP virus is a crazy decision.

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