GT Online: Mr. Bannon Indicated That “Globalists Who Are Partners of the CCP Want to Be More Like the CCP”

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On November 20th, Mr. Bannon celebrated the third anniversary of the funding of the Rule of the Law Foundation and the Rule of the Law Society with millions of people on a livestream.

During the livestream, Mr. Bannon reminded viewers that the Tiananmen Square protests happened right after the fall of the Berlin wall. During that time, many young Chinese people, including Mr. Miles Guo, assumed that they could defeat the CCP totalitarian regime and gain freedom like the Russian people throwing off the Soviet Union.

However, thousands of these young lives fighting for freedom were killed by the cold-blooded and cruel oppression of the CCP. What’s even sadder is that the American government did not stand up for these Chinese people. Instead, they ignored the fact that every day, thousands and thousands of Chinese people endured great pain and suffering, and thousands of innocent young Chinese people were killed by the CCP.

 According to Mr. Bannon’s words, the Bush administration sent General Scowcroft to China. Scowcroft told the CCP that the Bush administration didn’t mind the CCP’s lock down and slaughter of thousands of young Chinese people, and that they would support the CCP’s totalitarian regime for economic reasons.

On the other hand, the Bush administration deceived the American people. The Bush administration told the American people that the more money they gave to the CCP the better communist China’s economy would be and that if the CCP gained more open markets from America, the Chinese people would become more like the American people, who have democracy and rules of law.

Nevertheless, “that was a lie. That was a lie.  And it didn’t happen like that,” Bannon said, “in fact, I would argue the exact opposite happened.”

Mr. Bannon pointed out that “as the globalist corporations in the power of Wall Street became greater”, the American “government and power structure became more like the CCP.” Mr. Bannon also believed that the Biden administration is “emulating the state capitalism of the CCP and the authoritarian rule.”

Mr. Bannon then told people how ridiculously “the FBI went and kicked down the door of a gold star mother who’s an election official in Colorado.”

“It’s literally out of control”, Mr. Bannon said. He also explained that it happened because the Biden administration, corporations, and Wall Street are emulating the Chinese Communist Party and its rule.

Continually, Mr. Bannon made people pay attention to the climate change event. Mr. Bannon said, “the Biden administration said, ‘we will put aside human rights. We will put aside all the problems with the Uyghurs, and the Tibetan Buddhists, and the underground Christian, and the Catholic church, and all of it. We will put that aside. If we Kowtow, Xi will please work with us on climate change and global warming.”

In contrary to the Biden administration’s unrealistic thoughts toward the CCP, Mr. Bannon asserted that the CCP has no intention of working with the American government on climate change and global warming because they don’t care about the Chinese people at all. “But the globalists who are the partners of the CCP want to be more like the CCP,” Mr. Bannon said.

 “If you remember anything today, the one thing to remember is that the globalist economic system is based upon the slave labor of the Chinese people. If you free the Chinese people, the whole system collapses, and that’s the only way we can get to real peace and prosperity. The freedom of the Chinese people. The throwing off their chains. The renouncing their slavery by economic forces throughout the world that are in collusion and partnership with a criminal organization that suppresses them.” Mr. Bannon emphasized.


Extract: “One thing to remember is that the globalist economic system is based upon the slave labor of the Chinese people.”

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