US-Taiwan Military Cooperation, Taiwan Owns the Most Advanced F-16V Fighter Jets

Translated by: MOS-Education group-Angelina

Nov. 18 local time,  Taiwan Airforce conducted commissioning ceremony of F-16Vs at the Chiayi base.

President Tsai Ing-wen hosted the ceremony. She said this US Taiwan defense industry cooperation represents a firm commitment to Taiwan-US relations.

Tsai said that as long as we adhere to the values of democracy and freedom, there will be more like-minded countries standing on the same front as Taiwan.

It’s reported that, when the purchasing order is fulfilled, the Taiwan air force will own 207 F-16 V fighter jets, becoming the Air Force who owns the most number of this advanced model of fighter jets. To combat the military threat from China this fighter jet has been upgraded constantly with improved functionality. With stealth technology, a new radar system, and added equipment attached, its combat capability is improved to the next generation, entering generation 4.5 fighters.

During the commissioning ceremony, Beijing sent fighter jets in combat formations into Taiwan’s buffer zone southwest of the island. But was warned and deported by Taiwan Air Force by broadcast.


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