Mr. Miles Guo Shared Life Experience in His Live Broadcast

Translated by: MOS Finesse Team – Gloria

On November 17, when Mr. Miles Guo was talking about his successful experience of family fund investment in the live broadcast, he also shared the following experiences with fellow comrades: First, find the tricks and methods of life to conduct yourself, and cultivate the wisdom to succeed.

Second, you need to deal with more people who are from higher ranks.  At the same time, the core of getting along with people are personal wisdom, humility, and good manners – grasp this, and the level of communication of fellow comrades will be further expanded.

To better interpret this point, Mr. Guo also used himself as an example to dwell on his friends in the science and technology circles, whom he met in Silicon Valley. Through these friends, he learned about space culture, which further helped him enlighten his personal wisdom, and release his inner potential. Mr. Guo illustrated that the successful investment of family funds in biotechnology and chips is inseparable from the contacts that he expanded previously.

Finally, Mr. Guo emphasized that the people of the New Federal State of China should make themselves strong, and there is only one way to make themselves strong, which is to believe in their world mission.

Sources: Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on November 17, 2021

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