Why do Global Governments Push the Vaccine so Badly?

Author:Yue Ying Wan Chuan
Proofreader: Lish

It is a global phenomenon that almost every government on this planet recognise the Covid vaccine is the key to ending this pandemic. Since vaccines launched early this year, the debates about the effectiveness and side effect have never been dropped. Regardless of the pros and cons of vaccines, what we would like to understand here is the reasons drive governments are so crazy about vaccines. 

For this case, FDA and NIH (Given the US content), or TGA (referred to as Australia content), become a critical point to form any medical policy regarding pandemic management. I bet you have heard news like Chief Medical Officer decide to whatever restrictions in the name of “public health concerns” one thousand times. However, the flaw or problem is the decision-making mechanism is lack audit and transparency. As a public, most of us do not know the function between T-cell and B-cell in Immunology meaning. Suppose the directors of these agencies, like Dr Fauci, or Professor John, coincidentally receive funding from Pfizer, Moderna or any other giant pharmaceutical companies for their “research projects”. In that case, it is reasonable to believe they would make their opinions before looking at their bank account. On the other hand, any government in democracy system cannot afford the “sins” that lack of consulting process.   

If the government were lucky enough to have an unbiased medical advisory agency, then you would not want to try any further with mainstream media. You may think mainstream media always stand for minority groups and a voice of Justice. By looking at their income statement, however, you could get a second thought. Each year, giant pharmaceutical companies spend millions of dollars in media channels to promote their new products, treatment, or ideas. It is not too hard to conclude media will do whatever it takes to make sure these companies continue to buy AD from them. Therefore, we have self-censorship and filter out any negative information related to them. That is why vaccine side effect is always conspiracy theory rather than the ugly truth. Unfortunately, any politicians, party or government cannot afford the challenge from mainstream media, as it can heavily affect public opinion, which decides their popularity or their political fate.

Published by: Lish

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