Health Issue Affects Kyle Warner’s Career— True Story From a Vaccine Victim

Author: June(文舜)

Kyle Warner is a 29-year-old American pro mountain biker who competesinter nationally.  His life had changed drastically after his double Pfizer vaccines in June 2021.  In his first ER visit, he was initially diagnosed anxiety/panic attack regardless he presented symptoms with heart burn, triple heart rate compared to his normal reading, weakness etc. Few days after, he was finally diagnosed pericarditis.  He was drained by this vaccine injury alongside with allergy and arthritis all over his body.  His life is not the same anymore.  He tried to speak out on social media to share his story but got attacked on both vaccinated & unvaccinated people. He’s drained both mentally & physically.

According to Kyle, he attended Covid-19 vaccine injury panel in Washington DC on 2/11 hosted by Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson.  Senator Johnson was giving a stage to people who claim they were harmed by Covid-19 vaccinations.

Kyle said there were no senior officials came from NIH, FDA, CDC, Pfizer & Moderna. 

Another attendee Brianne Dressen, from Utah, could be the first one got vaccine injury in the U.S after participating AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine trial in November of 2020. She has ongoing side effects from the vaccine & withdrawn herself from trial.  Thus, her experience of the vaccine was not recorded because she didn’t finish the second shot.

There are other attendees have the same experience.Health officials and pharmaceutical companies are not being honest to the public.  This explains so many Covid-19 vaccine injured people had been told by their doctors nothing wrong with the vaccine and doctors even attempted to have their mental state evaluated.  Honest Data should be made public and Covid-19 vaccines shouldn’t be mandated.

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