Miles Whistleblowing 11.19.2021: Western Governments Mull over Closing Chinatowns

By billwilliam

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Western governments are weighing whether to shut down Chinatowns, which are venues of various illegal activities by mafia controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), according to Mr. Miles Guo’s live broadcast on November 19, 2021.

As revealed by Mr. Guo, Communist China’s Ambassador to the US Qin Gang recently had a meeting with more than a dozen Chinese community leaders who are colluding with the regime for money. However, community leaders Liang Guanjun and Zheng Qi no longer appear in the public since their families are either arrested by the United States or by Communist China. The US government arrested them because they are US passport holders who engage in espionage activities on US soil. The CCP also arrested some of them for they know too many secrets about the regime.

An Epoch Times article describes Liang Guanjun as head of the US East Coast Chinese Association Federation. Liang is allegedly a spy controlled by the CCP Consulate. In 2019, Liang celebrated the 70th anniversary of the founding of Communist China with the CCP’s consuls and diplomats.

Mr. Guo believes Chinatowns will be completely overhauled. This is not the first day that the US government plans to shut down Chinatowns. The issue is not a problem of the Chinese people, but rather the CCP ruined Chinatowns, which become venues for the CCP’s infiltration, distribution centers of fentanyl and virus, and gathering places of illegal immigrants. Chinatowns will disappear in the end, as a result of the CCP’s crimes. The CCP is the sources of all these problems, as it doesn’t allow the Chinese people to obtain Chinese passports and visas legally. 

In addition, several former and current S. Korean Presidents have all asked Mr. Guo about illegal activities in Chinatowns, including money laundering, tax evasion, crimes, and illegal immigrants. Mr. Guo replied that the phenomenon is the result of infiltration by the CCP. Moreover, illegal labors, illegal immigrants, tax evasion, and counterfeit products are rampant in a Chinatown in Spain.

The New Federal State of China is the first to distinguish the Chinese people from the CCP. Most of the Chinese people are innocent, whereas the evils are done by the communist regime. The New Federal State of China is dedicated to overthrow the CCP and bring democracy and rule of the law to China.     


Script of Mr. Guo’s live broadcast on November 19, 2021

article by Epoch Times on Liang Guanjun

Official website of CCP Consulate about Liang Guanjun

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