11/20/2021 Summary  of Mr.Miles Guo live broadcasting from GTV.org

1.  After the press release of Wang Jian’s murder case in Nov 20 2018, no one can expect that CCP not only killed Wang Jian, but also killed millions people by CCP virus, and hundreds million people will suffer from disaster of CCP virus vaccination.

2. In 2017,CIA had received intelligence about CCP’s military base built up in UAE from an insider of CCP, and they asked Mr.Miles Guo to verify. PLA Chief Staff of CCP Fang Fenghui was keeping  report to the US government about CCP’s military expansion plan in the Middle East, and was expecting his families been protected by US government.

3. Mr. Steve Bannon discussed the vaccination. He did not against vaccination, had 3 reasons to doubt CCP virus vaccination: 1. the vaccine information are not transparent. 2. It’s too quick to develop this kind of vaccine. 3. It’s not credible when vaccinated people were still infected by CCP virus.

4. How come Mr.Bannon trust Miles Guo since 3 years ago? He listened Mr.Guo’s word, and whatever Mr.Guo warned him about were proved to be truth eventually. When VOA stopped the broadcast, the incidents about HNA happened, all those people who against Mr.Guo are related to the CCP.

5. Mr.Bannon: I’m from a regular American family. My father taught me to fight for belief, and never give up. I can help President Trump win the 2016 election, and I’m going to help him to win the 2022 middle term election and 2024 presidential election. Fighting for the freedom of Chinese people is the same difficult task. However, I can help Trump win election. We will take down the CCP eventually.

6. Mr.Bannon: Past 3 years, Rule of law foundation were focus on rescue people, including those escape from  China, spread truth about China to the west. 3 years ago, no western people knew how much Chinese people suffered there, no one knew how Chinese people were eliminated.

7. Mr.Bannon: The protest movement of New Federal State of China in the past year or two have been very inspiring. Many western people are curious about people of New Federal State of China, impressed by their polite and educated manner, and contribution without request. Every country wants this kind of citizen. New Federal State of China became a strong political force, and 75% of American Chinese support Trump.

8. Mr.Bannon: Federal State is very important, bottom up system. It’s the opposite to CCP authoritarian regime. The power become smaller from bottom up.

9. Mr.Bannon: Populist movement is definitely not a class movement, it’s a movement of all society.

10. Mr.Bannon: populist movement is for one person one vote basically. It’s incredible that Chinese people have no election at all.

11.  Mr.Bannon: I’m not against vaccination, not anti-vaxxer. I’m against the vaccination mandate.

12. Live broadcast next Wednesday.

Chinese Version Writer:文俊

Translator: Curiosity

Posted by Maarago

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