Ignorance of government officer on the CCP virus vaccine may mislead the public

Lucas 2021-11-20

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Kim Masland, Nova Scotia’s public works minister announced on Nov 17 that she was diagnosed as positive in testing the CCP virus, even though she has been fully vaccinated against the virus. She attributed her mild symptoms to her vaccination status and emphasized that the importance of being vaccinated. She expressed her confidence on the vaccine and reminded the public to get vaccinated. Her ignorance may mislead the public and meanwhile risk herself as victim of the victim since she may accept the booster vaccine that became available recently for adults.

Canadians usually believe in government. Kim’s story may change the opinions of the public on the vaccine since currently Kim is a politic figure and fully vaccinated, who represents that government and its officers believe in the vaccine. The local media spread out her story to push forward the vaccine campaign of the government.

Common sense is very important for our people to logically understand the truth of the vaccine. If the vaccine is effective, then why the government still requires mask-wearing, distancing and the vaccinated are still getting infected, why they need to get jabbed with the booster vaccine. In addition, why the government changed its previous narrative that 75% vaccination rate will make the community achieve herd immunity, into that it needs 80% and even higher vaccination rate to achieve this goal. Obviously the government keeps cheating the public again and again.

Vaccine disaster is approaching, and those vaccinated are subject to severely adverse effects and even death from the vaccine. Canadians need to learn the truth behind the vaccine and the conspiracy of the dark forces but not merely believe in the government controlled by the evils if they want to survive from the depopulation.

Reference: Nova Scotia public works minister tests positive for COVID-19

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