Dr. McCullough Sues Medical Journal Elsevier

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On November 19, relevant media reported that American cardiologist, Dr. Peter McCullough, was suing Elsevier Elsevier Journal Press for covering up the truth about the COVID-19 vaccine. 

It was reported that Elsevier retracted a paper entitled “COVID-19 Vaccine Causes Myocarditis” in October this year. The author of the paper is Dr. McCullough. Dr. McCullough explained that Elsevier originally published the study in question but quickly scrubbed it after the U.S.The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) converged to discuss authorizing the experimental vaccine for “emergency” use in ages 5 to 11 year olds. “This is an overt act of censorship,” he explained. “We will be launching a full-scale lawsuit against Elsevier, and it’s going to be for breach of contract.”

Dr. McCullough wants to know why Elsevier decided to hide this important research from both the public and the scientific community. We all know the answer already, though: It is because real science disproves the alleged “safety” and “effectiveness” of these experimental injections.

“The most notable finding is that this myocarditis heart inflammation that occurs typically on the second shot after either Pfizer or Moderna, it is explosive and it happens within a few days of the second shot,” Dr. McCullough said.

Dr. McCullough emphasized that Elsevier encompasses the entire family of medical journals, and controls the majority of medical papers. Therefore, the company’s improper censorship of medical papers is suspected of covering up the truth about COVID-19 vaccine. And this way of science censoring is harmful to science.

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